We are running math competitions for students.
Our next competition starts in 2 weeks.
It is an iOS and Android game.
Lucky prize of $1000!
Anyone can play!
Signup now!

Here's a taste of what is coming!

Alpha version

In this game mode, solving for 'x' is how you win. You will also be racing against the clock! This video is just for demonstration... the game looks better ;)

Anyone CAN play!

Looks too complicated? Don't worry!! We'll help you at every step while you're learning the game. This is not just for 'math people'.

If you do math good. If you do math not so good. It doesn't matter! Everyone has a chance of winning $1000!! The equation is simple.

win more games + invite more friends = earn more credits

The more credits you have, the more likely you are to win $1000. There isn't a limit to how many credits you can earn either. So keep a close eye on your emails so that you're first to know when we release!